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    anybody know if i can record sound from computer into file..

    i want to record this sound clip off this website with like a on computer screen recorder.. but i dont have a mic?!!?!

    any ideas what i can do to record essentially what i hear through my speakers?

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    You need a 1/8th inch to 1/8th inch line. Plug one on the headphone jack on the comp and the other end into the input for a recorder (where you would plug in the mic). Straight up from comp to comp I dont think it will work because comps dont have a "line in" jack. If you have a good soundcard there may be a jack for that in the PCI slot.

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    Kale, I use a program called Replay Music for recording internet radio. It should work for what you're trying to do but probably too big to email. If you can find a download I'll pm you the unlock code.

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