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    Help 1300R problems

    Hello to all,

    I wish to be apart of this great forum and learn from the vast knowledge of all contributing members. Thank You for your time and tempered patience. Bryant

    I am stationed in South Korea at the moment and truly enjoy my ski's until they need fix'n. The locals just want to charge money and communication is difficult.

    Let's see if someone can knock this out.

    GP1300 04
    First the motor wouldn't stay lit in the water. Torched the wet plugs dry and checked compression, ran fine. Happened again. Checked the fuel lines,TPS to no avail.

    Local shop says ECU and stator is the problem. Didn't buy the ecu bit but went for the stator, nothing. Coils are bad he tells me. Brought him coils from my wrecked R1, voila, worked like a champ (out of the water)got it in the water and it won't rev more than 2500 rpm, goes nowhere. Riva II package installed on ski when purchased ran like the wind for the season. Trouble started at beginning of the next season. Did all necessary winter prep. All responses most welcome

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    let me be the first to welcome you to the forum.

    Unfortunately, I do not have electronic skills, but I can give you a bump back up to the top of the page where this thread belongs because there are some serious tuners here that should be able to help.

    I must say though that your mechanic seems to be a parts changer rather than a trouble shooter. That can get expensive fast.

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    Thanks much. Was wondering why it didn't post at the top to begin with. I'm not too keen when it comes to navigating the forum.

    Thanks again

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    You may want to try new plugs, i never had much luck drying them once fouled.

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    butane torch

    keep a butane torch handy. works wonders.

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