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Thread: Rude vs RRFPR

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    Rude vs RRFPR

    What would you guys recommend the rude controller or a decent RRFPR if I want to upgrade my current S3 charger to a ET 68-140. I think 50# will be necessary and a valve upgrade.


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    i have both on my ski i run a riva ecu bosh 50# w a rude 3

    you have a rotax ecu ...mappped for 42 # so you may be different. the rude controler will work no matter what ecu you have

    a rude controler will do it all buy its self..will allow you to tune it more accurately over the entire rpm range..

    the rrfpr with the riva ecu all buy its self..gets it real close just a couple of spots that need tweaking... i have a aeromotive 1 to 1 regulator on my rail with a base pressure ...just cycling the key not running at about 58

    for some reason with the riva ecu and just the rrfpr ...idle is at like 11 af... as soon as you get up 500 rpm it goes to 12.5..and is good all the way up to 11.6 11.8 ish wide open...i know of 3 skis with this set up and they are all the same. the controler lets you to correct the idle af and lean it out to about 13 af in no boost areas for a little more for milage

    even though the rude controler will do it all buy its self is..the reason i have both is ....having the fuel pressure adjustable can make adjustments on the water ..for weather ect.....if something happened to the controler you just hook up the boost referance line and go ...most regulators you find today are boost sensitive..

    with the riva ecu a bosh or seamins injector 50# are big enough any bigger the controler will be required to controle idle af ratios ....riva 50 dont atomize as well or something ..all injectors arent created ski lost speed with them ...and they were the most expensive injectors i have bought ......again you have a rotax ecu so you may need something different...if you dont want to run the conroler...but buy a good injector..

    hope this helps you

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