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    Gp1200 Caviatating! Will rev up but go NOWHERE HELP!

    I have a 2002 GP1200. Was running WOT across the lake and all the sudden lost thrust! It will now go nowhere when I rev it up. Is this a comon problem on these 1200's?? What should I look for to be the cause? I know that nicks in the Impeller Leading edge will cause cavitation but not like this! Any one else had this problem?

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    did u check the pump for grass?,rope ?something maybe got suck up in ur pump.

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    That was the first step i did. Nothing at all in the pump. Impeller has no nicks of bends.

    Somthing I DID just notice. When I start the ski, And look at the impeller thorugh the rear nozzle, The impeller seems to be turning half as fast as the Driveshaft is spinning. And when you shut the engine down and the driveshaft completly stops, the impeller free spins for a second. So Somthing is def. wrong between the Thru-hull bearing and the impeller itself. As soon as I get some time I will remove the pump and see whats going on.....

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    the impeller is connected to the shaft so how can it be spinning half as fast? Did it loosen itself off?

    Also check your splines on the shaft and intermediate shaft they are known to wear out, although I wonder since you said it just happened all of a sudden.

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    ski just lost drive

    I've got the same problem with my ski, I have removed the impellor duct & drive shaft & the splines look ok(i think) how do I romove the intermediate drive shaft to check the spines in there.Thanks

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