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    What tools do I need

    Now that I have my skis registered and titled its time to start working on them. What are the most popular tools that everyone uses, skis are a RXP and a RXPX? I already have all your basic tools (sockets, screw drivers, open end wrenches). It looks like most of the bolts are torx, is this correct? If so are there any special torx wrenches I will be needing? I planned on getting a torx set that I can attach to a 3/8 drive. Also I plan on picking up a set of gear wrenches as well. Anything else you can think of please list away. I plan on doing all the maintenance myself on these skis and the X will be lightly modded. Thanks guys.

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    A good set of Torx are a must for any major work. Also learned the hard way you will proably need a set of mechanical fingers and/or one of those extendable magnets for when you drop something in the bottom.

    If you are pulling the impeller - you will need the spline tool to loosen it.

    I also found it helpful to have an extra deep 10mm socket for the clamp that holds the pipe onto the exhaust manifold.

    If you ever plan to pull the engine or driveshaft you will need to either get their special tool or make something to get the retaining clip off.

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    Yes yes yes to one of those magnetic toolgrabberthingies !

    Look up the Sticky about removing the supercharger. There's a specific box ratchet torx wrench recomended that fits on one of the bolts.

    I use both a 3/8 socket set and a 1/4" set. I find sometimes the 1/4 " handle fits into a space better.

    To remove the waterbox clamp (rubber band) someone here recomended a home made tool. A long (18") flat head screwdriver with a V-shaped notch ground into it's blade. It fits on the metal clamp to allow you to push down on it to get it off and back on.

    I carry that with me when riding in case somthing gets jammed in the impeller/shaft area.

    I also carry a set of hose clamp pilers to close off the water feed hose should I need a tow.

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