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    No water at outlet

    A friend of mine just bought a 1997 1100 STX. We hooked up the hose to it today and there is no water coming out of the outlet.

    We tracked the hose back to the engine and removed it...good flow.

    went to the next junction (A Gauge Sensor I'm guessing?) and could not blow through it...

    Took the hose off on the exit side of the junction (temp sensor?)...and blew through had no obstruction...

    First off, what is the "Doo-ma-hicky" (Temp sensor thingy) called...can these be repaired? do we need to order a new one?

    HALP Ya'll the sun is dropping here in Florida and the No-See-ums is eatin' us up!

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    Usually, you don't get much out the peehole when running on the flush hose. You should get almost all the water out of the back of the 'Ski. Try it in the water.

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    We are only getting a very small seep out of the pisser though...A lot less than we get with my STX900...It just seems plugged up to me.

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    Try blowing compressed air though it, backwards blow out any trash thats clogging it.

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    i had an issue with mine on my 1100 zxi.. it seemed plugged for almost a year... a drop would come out here and there.. then i took it in salt water for the first time and it flowed full force and has ever since.

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