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    Need advice with mods

    Hey everyone, looking to do some spring modding on my 08 gpr. I already have the basics done (see sig), but i still have a few quick questions.

    1. VF3's, i've seen them for sale at island racing, however it says they're for a gp12, i'm assuming they fit a 1300? If not then can anyone shed some light on awesome reeds for the 60t?

    2. I'm looking to get ahold of some Ross Nemo throttle bodies (just pm ross?) , and a timing key (i'm assuming WFO is the guy for that), and also planning on doing any oil injection block off, anything i should know about installing any of that stuff?

    3. Anyone know where to get replacement balls for a jetworks valve, i'm afraid mine is getting deformed and i thought i heard people talking about better solutions. I'm just nervous it's going to get stuck.

    Any tuning suggestions for my fuel controller when running reeds and TB's and a timing key on 93 octane with a 150psi head?

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    PM Ross
    IR sells the SS balls, i throw the plastic ones away
    Do a little more searching, all the tuning info is there. TPS settings differ from ski to ski, always start way rich at first. Im available tomarrow if you need help.

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    ah woody you're the man such a helpful and punctual post. thanks, i'll probably harrass you and jim when i get the parts

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    08' has the baddest colors! Love it...

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    Pm L carlson he might have an extra set of ross nemo throttle bodies for sale in his parts warehouse i think i saw them on them on rack c isle 3

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