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    Hey folks, I'm looking at buying a couple used skis. I know very little about them other than I want a pair. I'd prefer to stick with Yahama (have a bike and sled) but could be sold on a different make. Could anyone leave a link or some info for a first time buyer?

    What would I be looking at for cost on a couple Yamaha 4 strokes ( 05-08 ) with a trailer? I'm hoping to spend around $6K... what would that get me? How many hours can you expect out of them? Should I be concerned about buying ones that have been used in salt-water?

    Any other info would be greatly appreciated.


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    Just a little more info. They'll be used on a small freshwater lake. Probably looking at 2 or 3 seats. I don't need a ridiculous amount of power but enough to throw a tube around or pull a skier would be nice.

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    I think in most states you have to have 3 seaters to pull toys. 6K should get you started. Good luck.

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    Salt water is a concern, but if it's been flushed properly after each outing, it should be OK.

    I think your budget is a bit low for a pair of '05-'08 4-strokes.

    The 4-strokes are probably good for 1000 hours or more. The 2-strokes generally need a top overhaul at 200 hours.

    Here's a recent link:

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