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    1995 GTX Fuel Tank Baffle

    Does anyone know how to fix the baffle in the fuel tank of a 95 GTX? My buddy informed me of guru's here who know how to fix them without having to buy another baffle. I'm assuming it's the baffle since the dummy lights work on the gauge - the low fuel lite stays on since the baffle doesn't work and the low oil lite stays on since it's a premix setup.
    I appreciate any help as I believe he said some resistors or transistors (sorry for the ignorance) only need to be replaced/fixed. My email is '[email protected]'. Thank you.

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    Although the sending unit repair thread may be your problem, this didn't really start until the newer design 98 and up (especially 2000) units.

    The older ones like yours just had the cap come off the bottom of the sending unit, and the float and/or magnet fell out and is in the tank.

    This is from trailering the ski with an empty tank. If you keep some gas in it, the float will never hit the bottom.

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