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    Looking at a few different standups

    I currently have a 1200 slx sit-down ski. I've been wanting a stand up for some time now.

    There are two locally, one is a 88 650sx with a lot of aftermarket, but the hull looks kinda rough. The asking price is $800 b.o.

    The other is a 89 550 completely stock. The hull is in good condition. The price for this one is $650.

    Which one would I be better off with. I am on a pretty strict budget. Would it be justified to buy the 650 over the 550? I would have posted on x-h2o but I am still waiting for my account to be verified, and figured that someone here would have some information.

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    how big are you? Im 6'2"and 230 and a 550 is not powerful enough for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaobin View Post
    how big are you? Im 6'2"and 230 and a 550 is not powerful enough for me
    I'm 5'8'', 170lbs. So my size should not be an issue. What is the top speed difference between these two?

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    Go with the 650, the 550 isn't what you want stock. If it was fully built maybe... The 650sx is a great starter ski, somewhat easy to ride, handles alright (its already modded!!!). Get it, you'll be hooked and looking for something else with more power before long!

    Great all around ski, best part about standups is they don't burn crazy gas... It takes a lot of energy to ride WOT @ a long time...

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    I have a 550 but it is a limited mod, it is pretty fast. I had a 91 650sx that was a limited mod also and it was fun, if you get a 650sx invest in a aftermarket ride plate those hulls like to porpous alot in chop. The 91-93 were my favorite with the rear exhaust. 87-90 are side exhaust models. $800 bucks is about the going rate for a 650sx in good condition, i would still try for $700 cash in hand. Good luck!
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    Where are you located? I have a couple skis I am selling right now.

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