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    Any good tricks to prevent gas overfill?

    Does anyone have any good tricks to prevent gas overfill? When I fill up, it always seems to catch me by surprise and I fill up to the nozzle and sometimes spill a bit if I'm not quick. Then, when the weather warms, I've got gas burping out of the relief valve. Is there some smart trick to keep from over filling? I can't see the tank well enough or hear a change in pitch (may be just too loud around the gas stations).


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    me too.

    The pump auto shutoff never works on my sportster SCIC

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    I can always Hear it when it Hits the Neck, or gets Close to it, then I just Look in, and Slowly go til it's Topped Off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwDavid View Post
    me too.

    The pump auto shutoff never works on my sportster SCIC
    Me Too! I thought I was doing something wrong...

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    I usually just ball-park the amount I need, then start listening as best I can, and you can hear it start to get full, then just go slow. Dont listen too close, I've gotten gas in my EAR before! Haha. POS system.

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    my 150 and rxp are the same. you can listen but you can also just open the hatch at look at the gas tank

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    thats what i do with the skis.. i always open the hood watch the tank and when it gets close start going slow till u see it..

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