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    Superjet Driveshaft went BOOM!

    First off, WHATS UP PEOPLE! I made it over safely.

    2nd.... I have had nothin but troubles with my red squarenose ski I built over the winter, if you followed it on the X or pwct. I finally got it running good again, and the near impossible happens. My drive shaft split in two. It broke off right at the prop, and I had to get towed in by my brother. It was running GREAT too!

    Any idea how I can get the rest of the shaft out of the pump? I really have nothing to grab on. FIrst I have to figure out how in the world im going to get my prop off. I took off the nosecone, and I think I will put some nuts on it to hold the rear of the shaft from moving, and use an impeller wrench to spin the prop off. Im hoping it works. Any other ideas.

    -or- Does anyone have another shaft to sell?

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    If there is any of the old shaft left sticking out maybe you can cut the spline portion of the shaft off and have it welded to the end near the prop. Then you could use the regular tools and remove the prop. Spending $20 on welding would be better than cutting off the prop. Good luck..

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    Remember that post on the your build on the X...
    "Are you sure you aligned the motor and pump correctly..."

    I wonder if it was mis aligned and the stress made it go boom instead of brap...

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