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    New to PWC and need info

    I am new to the PWC world. I bought two older ski's (polaris sl750 and Yamaha Waverunner ) last year and this forum helped me a lot when I had some problems. I have since sold the skis and am now wanting to upgrade. I am looking at two 2004 Honda turbo and posted a thread earlier about the value, but I am open to opinions on other brands. The criteria that I am looking for is as follows... 4-stroke, ease of care and maitenace, not the fastest but definately want some speed, I have a family so ease of riding would be nice as well.I am realistic and know that I cant have it all but I guess that I am looking for advice on an overall good ski. As far as year, I am looking at 2004-2007. That seems to fit the price. I bought the others because they were clean and cheap but now I am looking for a ski that will be kept and enjoyed a few years. Greenhulk help im confused by all the different models....

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    Honda quit making PWC last year, I'm not sure if they resumed production or not for 2010. Just do some research and try to ride as many models as you can, because they all handle a little different, and each have their strong points and weak points; for example some get far better fuel economy than others, and some models are better suited for rough water, and others have better hole shot in stock mode. When you find a used one for sale tell them you want to test ride it; even if you don't buy it you will gain valuable experience with that model just for comparison.

    I settled on the RXT's back in 2006 because they provide outstanding stock performance with decent handling in the chop. 320 hours on each of them now, and I still get a smile on my face when we pass other skis so I must have made a good choice.

    Whatever brand you settle on, the main thing I would suggest is to get skis that are covered by an extended manufacturer's warranty; because unless you know how to wrench on them, the repairs on some of these craft can easily run into the thousands, in fact major repairs including parts and labor on the supercharged models can actually be as much as the total value of the watercraft.

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    go with a Seadoo, you dont have to go supercharged neither.

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    My neighbors have the turbocharged hondas. They are indestructible. They have hit one another, put a hole in the fiberglass and just keep running. Never wash them or keep them out of the water and they just keep running. Mine are garage stored, washed after every ride, etc... and mine are broken in the garage half the time too! The hondas are much slower and dont have the turning capability. But if you are looking for maintenance free... go honda. Although it comes down to luck with some motors too.

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    Thanks again Greenhulk...

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