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    Ultra 250 Block Offs for the BOV

    Block Offs for the BOV.

    Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
    This stems from way back as we started to dabble with the BOV. As shown in this entry of OEM BOV Mod.
    Several opted to mod the valve and others ventured into completely blocking it off. These different aspects and approaches were heavily debated in the forums. Several long and informative discussions rooted from this one aspect of the Ultra 250. It was one of the best thought out and learning discussions I have experienced. So well that now we have a product that focuses on just that one simple idea. Block it off and forget about it.
    Still is it something we can forget about? Is it something that could fester future issues? I don’t know.
    It will be interesting in the near future as to how this simple piece will play into pulley mods. Will it be cast aside or a most have??????
    Regardless, as of now I have been running it and finding consistent boost numbers. No more fluctuation in my readings.
    Ok now for the item and its install.
    Here are your choices.

    R-Rated Performance at $12 and the $5 optional gasket. Trust me and get the gasket with the part. Oh and it even comes with a rubber cap to block off the vent hose on the air box.

    R&D Unit with no price listed or option to get the gasket. I “assume” you will need to order it from the dealer as they don’t show it with a gasket. I also didnt see if they offer the vent hose cap off for the air box but I “assume” it does not.
    I chose the R-Rated unit because they had them ready to ship when R&D did not. R-Rated also offered the stock gasket replacement. That to me made it simple to order. Still just a personal chioce.
    Regardless which one you choose they will both do the same thing.
    So its simple. My inter cooler was out and easy to show the part once installed.
    The Blue item Part#16130A is the item remove and blocked off.

    Some shots of the install. Simple to do and please spend the silly $5 and get a new gasket to do this install.

    Just remember that modifications like this are not recommended by the manufacture and you need to be prepared for the out come or at last be prepared to put it back to stock before going to any dealer for warranty work.
    More test results as I have time to play with this one more. As of now all is fine. Has not effected AFR or EGT.
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