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    Ultra 250 "R-Rated" Air Intake Kit Installation

    R-Rated Air Intake Kit

    Monday, June 11th, 2007
    $235. 00
    This Modification could void your manufacture warranty.
    This mod is considered stock legal in both the IJSBA and APBA racing rules.
    This is one of R-Rated’s newer mods available. It was designed with other performance mods in mind.
    As it is the stock air box is hollow and has a great flow rate with inlets for all stock items such as catch can vent, exhaust ventilators and BOV’s.
    This unit from R-Rated will require for some additional work that is not directly related to the intake system. What I’m saying is that the R-Rated Air Intake kit does not have any fittings for additional items to vent into the intake system. If you are going to vent your oil catch can into the air intake system, then you will have to request the “catch can fitting” option when ordering this unit. You will also need to cap off or filter off the air suction ventilators. The BOV and Relief Valve will also be something that you will need to address. I chose to cap of my BOV with the Blow off Cap from R-Rated. My relief valve is vented out the rear of the boat with the Heat Extractor.
    So as you can see this mod is more of a advanced racing application and will require addition work to be completed to make this mod a beneficial option. I personal find it a huge benefit to eliminate the potential problems these extra items into the air intake can cause.

    Lets get to the installation of this thing. If you have stock steering then simply tilt your steering all the way up. You will see two bolts that support you stock air box. Those need to come out.
    Well forgive me for doing this but Riva shows it so well. So here it is. Instructions.
    You can stop at the air box removed. You will need to keep the stock air box bracket and attach as shown below. At this time you can also assemble the air intake a shown below.

    Slide the horn onto shorter end of pipe and the 4″ flex hose onto the loner end. Tighten it all snug a this point. “Do” attach the blue coupler also. On this application it makes it easy to slip it onto the S/C.
    I snaked my filter assembly through the ECU where the stock air box cam out. Route you 4′ hose down to the supercharger but do not attach it yet. First attach the stock bracket in place and tighten screws using blue Loc-Tite. Once thats complete it is now possible to attach the blue coupler to the S/C. I used Windex in aiding during this part.

    4″ Flex tube should rest on the gas tank as such.

    Front of kit showing before closing it back up.
    It took me roughly 1 hr to complete this install. It goes in clean and easy. Lake testing is do to be completed soon.
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