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    Ultra 250 Ram Air Mod BKM

    Ram Air Mod

    Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
    Don’t fear doing this mod. Its reversible for a cost of $25. Kawasaki Part # 14307-3711. This information was founded from the efforts of R-Rated Performance during their testing of a air intake system.
    So lets get into the under liner. “pink” on diagram. It is baffled and ducked in a manner that allows air to pass but routes water down and off to the sides of it.
    The “brown” part is the piece that you will need to Dremel out the opening to look like photo below. Pink outline is the part cut away, what you see is the under panel that has the same pattern as the cover piece. Kinda makes you think it was meant to be cut out.

    The photo below shows the under liner and the water catch.

    This photo is the back side of the under liner cover.

    Notice on this photo how I opened the scoop section to allow larger amounts of air flow volume.

    Here is where I place the two 2.5 inch holes just offset from the air intake hoses under the gages display.

    Another photo of placement.

    I also am using the Flow-Rites from R-Rated. at 18.95 each they are a great added protection item to the ram air mod.

    This modification has no performance gain if you are running the Riva Pro Air Intake Kit. It will only aids in adding cool air into the hull.
    If your running the stock air box or another under hull air intake system then this mod if a huge benefit. Testing has been done and has shown better acceleration and .5 mph gains on top end. Mostly due to forced are into the air intake tubes that provide fresh cool outside air into the area where the stock intake draws from.
    AS far as water ingestion into the hull. Well the photo below is of a race during the weekend. Several times I found myself closely behind other performance skis and having huge amounts of spray off the other boat. The scoop for sure was intaking huge amount of water but never did the towel I had in the hull button become wet during each race event.

    There are times when attempting to pass in closed coarse racing that you see nothing. Your only hope is to throttle down and find a clear view. Not a good feeling at all but a great way to test if the water would be ingested into the hull area. This next photo was actually snapped second before the photo above. Shows just how much spay I was pushing through.

    So I can say with confidence the ram air mod does not ingest water into your hull area.
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