Riva Pro Air Intake

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
Riva Pro Air Intake. $399.95
“”"Caution, if you plan on running the UMI Steering set up then you will have to be extremely careful to avoid water ingestion into the air intake. Using the UMI set up removes the protective steering skirt and allows water to flood the Riva Pro Air Intake if the nose digs in on a turn or crashing through waves. This has happened to me twice at this point and I am now waiting to see if a protective cover is coming out to avoid massive flooding of the steering area.”"”"”
This Modification is ”NOT” Stock Legal in the IJSBA or APBA. It is clasified under Open Class Rules. If your looking to stay Stock or Limited legal then you will need to look into the Riva Performance Intake instead.

This kit is the first cool air intake system available that uses air from outside of the hull. No hot air from inside the hull is used with this kit. It completely replaces the stock intake system. Only noticeable visual change is the glove box is transformed into an ash tray. Weight difference is about 2lbs. lighter then stock intake. Sound this things puts out is on the loud side. So if you plan on only rec riding then you may want to consider the Performance Intake Kit. Though this kit does offer the ability to turn it into a Performance Air Intake system. All you will need to purchase a small bracket and cut the pipe down to under the hull.

The kit was complete and the instruction were easy but I will say that to save some hassle Ive changed the instructions some.
In the instructions from Riva it says to install the Blue Coupler onto the charger first and then install the plastic snorkel. It also says to install the catch can vent into the snorkel later on in the install. Well I tried it that way and it took forever to get in th coupler. The plastic pipe does not have a perfectly round surface. So I installed the couple first along with the vent hose. Went on alot easier but still a huge hassle.

Complete install took me about 5 hrs. mostly because I’m not a mechanic and things took me longer to insure I had done it correct. Riva says to remove the ECU but I simply tucked it down into an open space in front of the gas tank. I also chose to remove my fuel pick up as it was getting in the way.

Once putting the system together I noticed the Air intake tube pushing hard against my fuel pickup unit.

Trying to readjust the snorkel did not help but loosening and rotating the pick-up to the right just a small amount relieved the pressure on the unit and all seems fine to tighten down.
Some shots of the installed air intake.

So ya might be wondering how it worked out for me. Well testing was going good. Boat seemed to pull harder and the top end was climbing during my runs.