This one is for my friend Chad at Jet Ski Unlimited. We sat around one afternoon thinking how in the world could we test for a leaking intercooler.

Well well my friend Chad, I think I out witted you on this one or robbed ya.

So here is the TOP SECRET way to test your intercooler.jk

First get a Leak Down tester.
Some rubber hose and hose clamps.

Loop A to B. Took that one from Chad.

Then slip a hose onto C and then your Leak Down tester to it. Clamp hoses tight to ensure no leaking.
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Add air untill you get to 20psi and never go over 30psi. Set it there and monitor it for a good hour. Make sure it holds pressure. This teats for pin holes or slite cracks too.
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Easy as one two three once you have the intercooler out but can easily be done in the ski too.