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Thread: 1998 slx 1050

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    1998 slx 1050

    So here's the deal my dad bought my brother a 1050 the girls said it had a new motor in it. Well we got it to our lake house and it fried the piston at the front of the ski. Well the reason was cause the cylinder was not flat against the manifold and it was not cooling cause all the water was coming out.
    So my dad is trying make the cylinder holes bigger so when he tightens the manifold up it will all be flat. So if it blows up again I might get it do some mods to it and ride it. My question is what are some good mods that wont shorten the life of the motor, it is all stock now.

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    Sounds like someone did not properly reinstall the cylinder before you got it.

    There is a specific sequence to installing cylinders, so they sit squarely and flush with the exhaust manifold. The cylinder(s) are loosely bolted in place, then the exhaust manifold is installed and snugged up. Now the cylinder base nuts can be tightened.

    Not sure what you mean by 'making the cylinder holes bigger'

    Are you referring to having a shop bore the cylinder to fit the next size larger replacement piston?

    Tip: Whenever you get a new-to-you used PWC, take the time to thoroughly check it over. Not just look at it, actually inspect, even remove certain hoses and such. It is very easy for someone else to have done something incorrectly, or not done something that needs doing.

    One good check: Back it down the launch ramp into the water, still strapped to the trailer front and rear, start it up on the trailer with the seat off, and check for leaks.

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    No the holes on the cylinder where it will move. But what you said makes perfect since see he told me to tighten the cylinder down since the bolts are easy to get to. I will try what you said. Where are good places to buy stock and aftermarket parts for these skis?

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