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    Ultra 260 idle problem - advice required

    Guys, went for an 80mile cruise on my 260 and had a play in the surf (it started playing up during this time)but had to stop when I noticed that something didn’t feel right. The symptoms are -
    Idle went to 2000 – 2050rpms. Could not hold a constant rpm between 3000-4000rpm – it would ‘bounce’ between the 2 as though I was accelerating and then backing off.
    Rode for 5 minutes and then stopped to check if something had come loose – all seemed ok from what I could see.
    Couldn’t find anything, but after being stopped for 5 minutes the ski seemed to go back to normal.
    Rode for another 20mins and there were no problems UNTIL I held it WOTfor about a minute over some 2-3 foot chop – the ski was banging around a bit and then I noticed the problem was back – although I still beat the seapoo I was racing
    Got the ski home and when I started it all seemed ok again. Gave it a thorough look over as I thought it must be something like an air leak but couldn’t find anything.

    FYI, Power is still the same, max rpms are achievable, as is full boost and top speed – nothing else seems a miss other then the idle and the ‘hunting’ of rpms between 3 – 4k rpm when holding the throttle steady.

    Could someone please offer some advice as to what else I could look for as I’m going interstate this weekend with the ski and as I can’t replicate the problem on the trailer so it’s hard to know whether the problem will re appear….thanks.


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    I would check part 21174.
    Part number 21174-3706 motor-electric,STM , $130.
    First swap with a buddy as test.
    Use search button for idle problems i can recall some guys having similar issues some time ago.
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    Chris...thanks for the reply. That's something that I haven't looked at.
    I'll swap it out with the one on my brothers ski and see if he encounters the same problems.
    Hopefully he doesn't read this because then he'll know I stole his

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