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    New seadoo owner, Please help.

    Hello everyone, New member here. I bought a 1995 Seadoo SP 587 (yea I know its a baby, but its my first ski so im sure itll be fun for now) I'm not new to boats, but new to jetskis...

    I bought this for a good price, $200 and it came with trailer and vacu-cover. I'm happy.. So accordingly theres usualy a catch.. supposably the engine was rebuilt and the owner lost ambition/time to re-assemble and re-install everything back.

    The inside of the hull is clean, but its littered in parts of the jetski motor (the block itself isnt taken apart all heads and such are on it, but about everything else is sitting on the floor of the seadoo... I really need some help/! tomorrow is my day off and i'd like to at least get it semi back together. If anyone can help me with some pictures of a 587 so i can compare my mess to it or a diagram would be even better!

    If anyone is in RI/Mass i'd be more than happy to pay your for your time to come help me sort this out.

    thanks everyone


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    give this website a try, I use it often, its free service manuals!

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    You can use for parts diagrams there is a lot to those 2 strokes just make sure you get the intake valve timing plate correct. I hope the previous owner has changed the crankcase seals as the tend to flood the cylinders from the timing gear side

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    The thing about buying a ski thats in pieces is that almost always there are vital pieces missing.. been there n done that...pita...
    Good luck!!!!

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    mike, i'm assuming the engine is together but the carbs and exhaust parts are lying all over the place. first of all try to check the engine to see if it was really rebuilt: look for new gaskets, signs of the head bolts being removed, chips in the paint on all parts. if the motor is still in the ski then chances are that it wasn't fully rebuilt if at all. if anything this sounds like a top end rebuild and not a full crankshaft rebuild. i would try to install a battery and do a compression test. this will tell you if the motor is even worthy of putting back together. if your compression in both jugs is off by more than 10 to 15 psi and less than 120 don't even bother putting the rest of the ski back together. good luck.

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    Great ski to cut your teeth on. Relatively simple to work on with plenty of room. Only one carb to deal with and simple electronics. You'll learn a bunch working on 2 strokes. Most are all the same, just bigger and more cylinders. Let us know if you need any help.

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