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    Planning Long Distant Ride From Clear Lake

    Me and a couple of guys want to do a long distant overnight ride. Probably in April. I need some input from some of you that have probably done this, but what I'm thinking now is putting in closer to Galveston and riding to Lake Charles via ICW, stay at the Inn on The Bayou (hotel on the water) then returning the next day. I need help identifying fuel stops mainly. Any ideas or maybe a better route would be appreciated. Plus, whoever wants to tag along is more than welcome. We would also need a volunteer chase vehicle with a trailer in case of any breakdowns. Who's in???

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    I think one of the things that made those runs possible in the past was a fuel stop somewhere around Port Arthur. I dont think there are anymore places to get fuel on the water around here (Hurricane Ike took them all out). The only one I still know of is up at the Beaumont Yacht Club, but that would be up the Neches River pretty good way.

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    If we can get fuel stops figured out I would def be down to ride...overnight trip sounds like alot of fun

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    We made the same day run from the the Pine Street ramp up the Neches in Beaumont to Lake Charles. There was a marina at/near Bridge City I think and another one before getting to Lake Charles and the Inn area. I remember gassing up at them both going and coming back. I'll see if I can dig up the GPS route file.

    As to gas between GAL and the Sabine Lake /PA area, ???

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    Planning Long Distant Ride From Clear Lake

    Jon… bapwa use to do this ride in various forms. The most resent versions started at Stingrees near Gill Crest . Of course you can back up and start at Clear Lake. I sometimes rode from Egret Bay or TC Dike (closed now) but Paul and Anna use to start from his place on San Jac River (mid way to the dam) and then come down across the Bay to intersect with the ICW. Anyway the main (only) fuel stop is Cows Bayou, just east of Sabine Lake (aka the Sea of Sabine) and the fuel at the end, is Bowties very near Inn on the Bayou. This ride is very doable. It is long, straight and boring (one of my least favorite rides, once you have done it a few times). In the old (2 cycle) days, they tell stories about Genes Polaris organized ride (100 + skis) with fuels stops, chase boats, million dollar environmental insurance requirement (La payoff) and rent-a –cops to watch your ski over night on the beach at Lake Charles. The times I went (5 or 6 to maybe 18 or 20 skis), and also the Beaumont to Lake Charles rides (very similar) we just did our normal preventive / predictable equipment pre-ride preparation and had few breakdowns that were managed, from on the water fixes to towing. For the most part, this is a remote ride (may still have cell pon dead spots) and tug boats don’t stop to help out (unless there are bikinis involved, ha). So don’t go alone (unless you are San Antonio Art*), but 3 or 4 skis in good condition should make it with no problem.
    See the rough map with current fuel locations in Galveston Bay and on ICW from Freeport to Lake Charles. There may be a few more but not confirmed.,3.510132&z=8
    *SA Art was (or is) in bapwa, and a couple years back, he rode his ski (solo, with no water or ground support) from Brownsville Tx to St. Louis Mo and back in 15 days with a 3 day layover at his sons house in St Louis!

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