Pictured below you will find the autographed helmet owned by none other than the Jammer himself. But, what makes this particular helmet extra special is it's history !!!

This is the helmet worn by The Jammer when he won his record 10th pro ski world title. As you will notice next to Jeff's signature he wrote " 10X " !!!

However,it gets better even yet...After winning his record tenth title, Jammer gave this same helmet to another industry legend, Tim Judge - TJ who had built the motor for Jammers record title win, was given the helmet by Jeff as a thank you !!!

One luck bidder will take home this piece of PWC history when it is auctioned on June 12th at " The 2010 AJC Northeast Ride for Mason's Future ". http://www.adirondackjetskiclub.com/newsrelease-3.html

Along with our sincerest thanks to Jeff - The Adirondack Jetski Club wishes to also extend our gratitued to the following folks.

Scottie Mac - this never would have happened if not for Scottie reaching out to TJ on our behalf !

Tim Judge http://www.judgemotorsports.com/ of Judge Motorsports for donating the helmet !

Steve Webster http://www.kommanderind.com/web/ of Kommander Industries, who tracked down & contact his old friend The Jammer for this cause !

John Dady http://www.blowsion.com/ of Blowsion, who networked with Steve, Jammer & UPS, in order to get the helmet autographed !

The http://www.adirondackjetskiclub.com/ AJC is honored to have the support & friendship of so many great people, businesses & sponsors. It is amazing to be a small part of such a benevolent cause - we are proud to work with such generous people in order to donate to http://www.masonsfuture.org !!!

To quote one of Zach Waddles many friends & family who have e-mailed us pursuant to what this event means to all of them & Mason - " Zach & Libby are looking down at everyone smiling - & one day these actions will also bring a smile to Mason's face "...!!!

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