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    Difference in ski's

    Hi there guys I am looking to purchase an 01 and 04 1200 xlt, just wondering what is the difference in the xl and xlt models. Thanks.

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    Does anyone know or is this just a stupid question that you feel does not need an answer?

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    No real differences. I have had a 2000 XLL and a 2004 XLT and the only differences between the two were the hood and fairings that were changed in 2001 and stayed the same after that, and the sponsons were changed but were the same from 2001-2004. No real difference man.

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    in the earlier 1200 XL they were called XL limiteds as they had the 1200 engine instead of XL 800 or 760,then after the 1200 became the mainstay they just added the T to the XLT instead of it being xl limited .Thats the nearest I can come up with,they both are 3 seaters ,parts and engines are same.JMHO>Marvin

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