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    Yamaha Fuel Consumption

    Seems like very little is known about PWC fuel consumption. I tested several high-profile boats with a flow meter. The results might surprise you...

    PWC Fuel Consumption: Myth Vs. Reality

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    Nicely written article . I think you make some valid points.


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    Yeah I agree. Everyone freaks when they see the GPH ratings on the ski but thats WOT ALL day long. If you dont act like a moron (all the time) you can get a while even out of a 800cc 2stroke engine. Thats the reason jetski engines are known to be so unreliable. Because people want to run them at WOT all day. Imagine running your car as fast as it could go every time you had a 2-4 hour drive or on a long trip. It could have problems as well.

    I always take it easy on my ski with an occasional WOT run probably once or twice for about 3 minutes tops each time I take it out. Y gotta clear the plugs every one in a while

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    good article!

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    Wow, I was surprised at some of the fuel consumption differences.

    In a 2009 comparison, I noted the Kawasaki STX-15F burned only 5.4 gph at 35 mph, the Sea-Doo GTI SE 130 6.4 gph, and the Yamaha VX Deluxe a mere 4.1 gph.

    At 35mph the SeaDoo GTI SE uses 50%+ more fuel than the VX. That adds up.

    does the FX HO (not the 1800cc) have the same fuel consumption as a VX?

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