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    Kawasaki Fuel Consumption

    Seems like very little is known about PWC fuel consumption. I tested several high-profile boats with a flow meter. The results might surprise you...

    PWC Fuel Consumption: Myth Vs. Reality

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    Nice informative article. I asked this question a few time over a year ago when shopping around. You made some excellent observations and conclusions.

    My Ultra 250 can use as little as 5 gph cruising (went over 3.5 hours with about 17 gallons). Of course I've gone thru a tank (17-18 gallon fill up) in less than 2 hours.
    I obviously came to the conclusion that even the muscle skis can return ok MPG or gph when rode moderately.

    BTW, years ago I bought a new 19' Ebbtide with 185 hp. I seem to recall that getting between 5-15 gph. There I was some young punk out of college with a nice brand new boat on a beautiful lake in SC. 20 years later I buy a new Jetski for the first time

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