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    1996 sea doo speedster lh throttle cable discontinued

    I need to replace portside throttle cable but its discontinued. 1997 is different could maybe work but is more than twice the price and has additional connection for steering accleration. Any good advice out there?

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    seadoo throttle controls are out of sight cost wise

    have you priced the entire assembly for the thottle controls? that's pricey.

    You should start making some phone calls...I'm sure some dealer has one sitting on a shelf somwhere.

    But time better spent is fabricating a new cable or really going over the old one. If the shell isn't in horrid shape you might have better luck fabricating a new cable. Cable ends are easily attached, but I'm sure there are plenty of these baots sitting around rotting, so start making some calls.

    I did a cursory internet sweep and came up with nothing, except your target part number 277000328

    so what's the story on using the available cable on the other side?

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    RH throttle cable is too short so there goes that. Im looking into having cable made.

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    call this salvage yard...i bet they have it

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