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Thread: Please Help Me

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    Please Help Me

    I have many questions, or just I’m just in need some A LOT of advice, maybe someone here can help without trying to trade this waverunner from under me, or sell me their service for $600…
    Here’s my story, I drove about 60 miles across town and purchased a 1999 GP1200x Waverunner for $900 w/ a trailer (that turned out to be pretty messed up). When I got there, the man I bought it from said it was lake ready, everything is good to go. He started it up (for no more than 10 seconds – he said it was bad to have it running out of the water for too long) and everything sounded great. However, the seats needed to be reupholstered, something I can do myself. Well, after I got it back home, I washed it, redid the seats, and headed to the lake. When I got there, it didn’t start. It wouldn’t even start the way the man I bought it fromstarted it, it would crank but not catch. I ended up meeting a gentlemen off craigslist who offered some of his help in return he wanted me to purchase a waverunner trailer he had for sale. He was very helpful and taught me a’s what we did..
    Checked compression – 110psi for all three spark plug inserts
    Checked all spark plugs – all worked
    Checked the charge of the battery – perfect
    Sprayed starter fluid into the three holes on the carb lid
    Added a teaspoon of gasoline into the carb lid holes (all 3)
    At this point we tried starting the engine, it turned over and ran for about 20 seconds..
    Once the gas that was in the carb burned through it wouldn’t turn over. If I added another teaspoon into the carb holes again, it would start right up, once again.
    Then, we back traced the fuel line, removing the the hose that connects to the carb to the fuel filter and put that hose into a vile of gas, started the engine (by placing a teaspoon of gas into the carb case holes) and it started up and sucked gas from the vile.
    So then we directly connected the to hoses (the ones that connect to the fuel filter) and tried to start it up again.
    Then, we decided to bypass the switch AND the fuel ilter, so we had the carb connected to the the fuel line, fuel line connected the reserve gas hose and that gas hose was conntect to the gas tank, tried to start it…
    So then, we directly connected the hose from the carb, straight to the gas line hose that was connected to the gastank
    So we back tracked our steps and put the fuel line from the carb back into a vile of gas, tried to start the engine, wouldn’t start, put a teaspoon of gas into each of the carb case holes, got the engine started and this time, it would suck a little bit but not a continuous suction.
    So, we removed the carb case top cover and filter and looked at the carbs directly
    (keep in mind, I AM VERY NEW TO THIS, the wave runner trailer man was leading the way..and hopefully knew what to look at)
    We added just a little gas to each carb and started the engine up, and while the engine was running, gave it some gas, and sprayed carb cleaner into each carb to clean them up..
    After doing this for about 5 minutes, we determined there was no improvement (we were hoping the carbs we’re just dirty and would see some sort of change) and I was told that the carbs needed to be rebuilt…the trailer saleman said he could do it with OEM parts, for $600.
    I called around, found a guy that would do the carb rebuilt, after market parts, for $275 out the door.
    Trailer man told me 110psi is a good amount of pressure and the waverunner still has some life if well maintained
    The $275 carb rebuild guy said 110psi is VERY low, and that if I don’t do an entire top end rebuild (he offered to do it anywhere from $700-$900) that the motor will probably seize in 3-5 rides and the engine would be done for.
    The trailer guy said “who knows how well the jet ski will run after a carb rebuild, it may have more problems or not run well, and then offered to trade me his 1995 kawasaki tandem sport for my broken gp1200 and wanted me to give him $500 cash for the trade.
    I am unsure what to do, and I would like to spend AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE but if that’s out of the picture..maybe I’ll just try and sell it..
    Does this sound like a carb rebuild issue?
    Is 110psi the compression of a waverunner on its last straws?
    Do I need a top end rebuild?
    Something I can do on my own or WAY WAY over a beginners league..?
    please ask for any info you may need to help..
    Any advice, tips, tricks ect. Would be greatly appretiated..THANKS!!

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    Don't sell or trade it.

    110 is fine for compression across the three cylinders.

    There's a definite fuel delivery problem, that's why it runs when you put gas in the cylinders, but won't run for long.

    Did you get the trailer, and fix the seats? If so, you're probably not that far from having a useable, fun toy. Going to take a little bit more work to finish, but you're not in bad shape.

    Hang in there, really smart people will help you here - and hold out to get some more advice before you go 'shopping' anymore!

    Good luck,

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    Exclamation ???????????

    Hey there Kristen.

    First things first....

    Welcome to the forum..

    Next "DO NOT" trade or sell this ski yet..!!!

    110 psi compression is perfectly acceptable.. though not ideal..

    A different tester gauge could show a better/higher reading so don't panic.
    The good thing is the readings are even..

    This is almost certainly a fuel delivery issue..
    Possibly more to do with the tank than the carbs..

    Things to check will be the fuel filter and the tank check valve..
    Also take a look at the sealing gasket in the fuel cap..(these can perish badly)

    After they have been eliminated is time to start looking at the fuel pumps on the carbs
    Also the pulse lines should be investigated..??

    I'd say rebuilding the carbs is a little too much for a complete novice to tackle..

    But lets see where the basic checks get us to first..??

    Once again do not be scammed out of this ski..


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    Lightbulb eh..??????

    and then offered to trade me his 1995 kawasaki tandem sport for my broken gp1200 and wanted me to give him $500 cash for the trade.

    Don't know how i missed that line..??


    That "thing" he offered in trade ain't worth a balloon and a packet of peanuts..??

    What a chancer..??

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    note for the new guys...

    spraying carb cleaner down the venturi is NOT going to go anywhere near the carb... you need to dismantle the carbs for that. Guessing you have a pilot jet issue, or fuel pump diaphragm is fecked. Either way, rebuild the carbs and go enjoy the toy

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    Agreed. Time to rebuild carbs. Even if the carbs end up not being the problem, which the may well be, it's something that needs to be done anyway.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    If you stick around, and read as much as you can, you will learn a lot around here.

    Use the search function - can be very useful.

    Many different PWC models have very similar internal functions and parts. And often have similar problems and solutions

    Update your profile with your location info (City, State). There may be a Greenhulk member nearby that could help, or at least point you towards a reputable service shop.

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    there a some good carb guys on here that can point you in the right direction.

    there are also some that rebuild carbs and would probably do a much better job then your local guy. I believe osidebill is a carb man

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    Thank you everyone!

    First off, Thank you all so much for the replies, I'll be able to sleep better tonight!

    Sean: Thank you for your reply, I did reupholster the seat, however I just built a ski stand and will begin working on the trailer tmw to see if I can clean that up. It was a 4x8 folding trailer that was converted, however it is slightly bent, but a little welding and reinforcement I think should do the trick. I've considered buying a new trailer, however what good is a new trailer with a non running ski? Mostly, I'm going to focus on getting the ski up and running and go from there. I have spent many hours today reading TONS of different forums, looking at manuals, and talking to many different repair shops to see what info I can gather to help me better determine the problem. Again, thanks for the reply

    Gerry: Thank you for your reply, I'm definitely glad I found this site, I've spent hours reading and learning today, VERY HELPFUL. When you say that 110psi is acceptable, but not ideal, do you happen to know what psi is ideal for a ski like this? What causes psi to go down? I've been told 110psi is low and maybe a few rides left and that it was very possible the engine would seize and then its game over..hope thats not the case. Again, thank you for the reply

    Bren: Thanks for replying, I am beginning to research the fuel pump diaphrams, as well as reading about carbs (specifically mine) to get a better understanding, and I will definitely take a close look at the pilot jets and see what I can find out.

    Icky002: I plan to disassemble the carbs and take a better look at them, as well as the fuel pump and if it does end up being the case that i need to rebuild them, i'm a step closer, if it doesn't, and they just need cleaning..even better! Thanks for posting!

    K447: Thanks! I've been using the searching function of this site, its awesome! I researched some other skis that use the same carbs as i and have similiar engines and have seen tigersharks with a similiar issue as mine. Its definetly been a big help! I just updated my profile, best I could hope it helps! Thank you!

    Also, being as new to this as I am, are rebuilding and cleaning the carbs way over my head? I've gotten this far..but dont wan't to fall too deep..

    Again, any response helps and is greatly appretiated! Thank you all again!

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    Welcome kristen, I moved this to the old school section lot's of enthusiasts here with your type of ski. First off make sure fuel can get to the carbs unrestricted, start going through the lines and fuel selector knob and make sure you can blow air through all of them.

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