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    Smile how many piston pin bearings in 951 2001 gtx??? thanks

    offhand does anyone remember the exact amt of bearings in seadoo 951 pin end?is it 36??or I cant for life of me remember and a helper pulled pistons and has 35 and 36 bearings.I turned engine up on side ran magnet down in it ,came up with 35 I know that isnt right or is it???I hate to split cases as I have put grease on crank and got all of the bearings out of cases I think,I can see around both sides and even ran wire down sides of crank between crankshaft and cases,it is spotless I just dont want to put a fresh top end on and have one left inside.thanks very much>Marvin

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    hey guys please give me a hand with this,I know there is more than a couple of seadoo gurus in here,thanks in advance my friends>Marvin

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    THanks it was answered ,its 34 thanks again >Marvin

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    Well, I wasn't going to strip the top end to have a look but surely you could count the pins on the replacement that you have to put in ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bouncerbeater View Post
    Well, I wasn't going to strip the top end to have a look but surely you could count the pins on the replacement that you have to put in ?
    That's what I was thinkng. Had I remembered I surely would have posted too. But fortunately I've only done one 951 top end.

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    I did not remember because I use caged bearings now.

    When I pull the oe ones I have a rag over the case opening and a BA magnet sitting there next to the rod. They then go straight to file 13.

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