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    1996 Seadoo speedster no spark on Port engine (717)

    Im working on a Seadoo Speedster with Twin 717 Rotax engines. The boat ran great when last used, but has set up for quite some time now. I have rebuilt both carbs, installed new fuel lines, new battery, fresh fuel, and New plugs. One engine fired right up and ran great after doing all this. The other I have an issue with. The engine would not fire unless the throttle was opend all the way and the choke was pulled. Or you manualy dump gas into the carb. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes to get it to fire off. Even then it WOULD NOT rev up. Only barely idle with the carb at WOT. The compression is 130 on both Cyls. the pop off is correct. I noticed that the engine has a VERY weak spark on both plugs. Sometimes not sparking at all.

    Ive removed the 4 pin connecter coming out of the stator box. Im getting around 9volts out of the yellow/ black yellow and around 50 volts from the black/black red

    I have not worked on the seadoo sport boat electronics before. They have One big MPEM to run both engines. Instead of 2 regular PWC MPEMS like I ecpected All fuses are good. Box is Very clean inside. Anyone know the specs on what I should be getting out of this stator? Im sure it should be much higher than 50 volts. Or am I metering the wrong wire colors? Any Tips on what to check? Any help would be Great!


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    Hey Chris. It sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Pull the fuel pump off the carb and verify the mica check valves are in place. Also verify a good pulse line. The spark is weak on these doos. You are good with your troubleshooting, if she firs immediately when you pour gas down the carbs it's starving for fuel.

    It could also be the fuel selector switch restricting. Bypass this first before breaking down the fuel pump.

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