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    stx 1100 ride plate mod

    There is a shop out there that does machine work on the stock stx 1100 ride plate .They claim a true 2-3 mph peak speed increase.I have a friend that works at a machine shop.He said he could do it for me if he knew how much to take off and where.Is there anyone that has had this done. Thanks

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    First off there are some things you need to get before you mod. Like basic numbers.

    Get the best rpm reading you can and Mph average not peak. These are things you need before you mod so you know your gains.

    Second off... The STX hull is not a great hull to get speed from. At least overall top speed.

    For good speed gains on your hull you should start with the hull. Take a long good straight edge on the bottom of the hull let about 4 inches hang out the back and run it forward and see if the hull is flat or has a hook in it. Kawi is famous for putting a hook in the stx and stxr/12f/15f hulls. Even the the new Ultra looks like it has a small hook but never got a chance to verify. This helps with handling but make it suffer for top speed gains.

    If it has a small hook you will see a small gap between the bottom of the ski and the straight edge. If it does Truing you hull can gain anywhere from a mph or up to 2mph.

    Now for the ride plate. It hard to get a good gain from from any plate unless it's done right and not a kawasaki.... If it's a yamaha gpr the gains go from .5 mph to 4.5mph. Which is crazy.
    The stx gets about 1mph to 3 depending.

    It has to be flush....and sealed and angled. The amount of angle I dont know but to much it will bounce and wont do good on straights and also bounce in chop. Not enough and the gain will be minimal.

    So basically it's trial and error. I would start by fitting the plate then grinding down the mounts a little and making sure the front edges have no hand down or edges that catch at the front. Then you would start the angle process of taking some material off the rear mount and also the ride surface as well. This is where to only take a little at a time.
    After you get what you think is enough mount it up and seal it and plug the holes .

    Take it out and run it in the same type of water and conditions with the same amount of fuel and same rider that you got the numbers from. That way you get the best accurate info from your mod.

    Hope this helps in getting you started.

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    stx ride plate mod

    Thanks for the time and info.

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