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    healthy 2 stroke sound

    i got a 2000 xl 800 with those wonderful powervalves. i was wondering what a normal 2 stroke waverunner should sound like. ( new to waverunners). it smokes like it should, but on idle while on the hose its got a loud occassional "clack"or popping sound to it. the engine dont jump or anything crazy, i was just wondering if this is normal. it kinda goes away with some throttle. any imput or even better clips of your or other idleing 2 stroke waverunners.

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    100 percent normal. I have a 00 xl800. The PV 800's are noisy engines so I hear my cylinders shaking and its noisy and it will go away if you give it some throttle. Get used to it because there is no way to stop it.

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    lol thankx buddy

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    I was waiting to give a xl800 back to customer,had it in water twice after complete rebuild,new crank,yam cylinders (no sleeves)prox pistons,both c with a 10 cylinder and a 14 cylinder.It runs real healthy I had also replaced cases as the rear cylinder ears had broken off when it seized before I rebuilt it.I hear that same pop or like a small thunk when you let off throttle from say 3500 rpm to idle you hear a very muffled thunk like a backfire or hiccup.Its the sound you all describe.I havent done a 800 in a couple years and had forgotten about the sound.I do lots of 1200 yams and 1100 kawas,a bunch of seadoo 800 and 717 with a couple 951 thrown in,thanks for taking a load off my mind!!>Marvin

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    here is my xlt after the ported 1300 topend was installed

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    That is a great post

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    i see you have the griddled head kit did you feel a big diffrence?? i have been considerding getting some wonder if its worth it!!!

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    thanx alot guys i can sleep at night now.....................loud 2 stokes= normal

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