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    Do I need to hone my 1200r jugs

    Dumb question from a noob.

    I've only got 30 hours on these 1200 or 66v stock cylinders. I've putting in new rings. I can still see the factory cross hatch. Do I need to do a light hone still to properly seat those rings? What's your experience with skipping this step.

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    chances are you dont have the diamond hone it requires to do it,however it is possible if you have a sunnen to still cross hatch it slightly to help hold oil.The honing not only helps seat rings but allows a touch of oil to hold in the cross hatching,I will say this these yammie 66v and 66E cylinders are some tough boogers,well built and hard as nails>Marvin

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    Dont skip steps. Its not very much extra to get a hone put through the cylinder. Do it right.

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    Thanks for the responses. I was tending towards honing. Next question: Should I use a ball or bar hone? It looks like others use acid to wipe down the cylinders before they hone. Is that because of the NIK plating?

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    balls hone will work best being there or ports in the cylinder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy11023 View Post
    balls hone will work best being there or ports in the cylinder.
    I would never use a ball hone, they tend to round the ports and cause issues. I have seen the damage done by these.

    If you can still see the cross hatching, I would just go with a minimal hand clean up using scotch brite and re-assemble. Done this many times in the past no issues.

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