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    Dropped Tool in Hull...

    While changing the oil in my Kawi 250x, I dropped a light down the right vent hose that's underneath the passenger seat. It's an LED miners light with an elastic head strap. I assume it landed in the very back, bottom of the hull. I tried to retrieve it, but it's too far back out of reach...I can't even see it. Is there any harm leaving it there... is it going to get sucked or tangled in any moving parts? I removed the vent hoses, but I still cannot get to it. THX

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    Flash light and a coat hanger.

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    Remove seat base for rear seat. Its only 4 10 mm bolts.

    Use coat hanger to reach down and get it.

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    The coat hanger worked...major pain though! I'll have to be more careful next time! THX

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    Don't feel bad.

    Memorial Day weekend and my ski was only a couple weeks old. Changed the oil on Saturday and oil cap off of valve cover fell in the hull. Spent several minutes looking for it and no luck. Can't run too far without an oil cap. So went to a local dealer 10 minutes away, didn't have a cap in stock but took one from an Ultra 250 in the showroom--damn good service for a place I didn't even buy my ski from. It would have ruined the rest of my Holiday weekend.

    This was one of the main reasons for buying a Kawi--plenty of dealers nationwide. There are 5 nearby. Only 2 Yami and Sea Dog dealers. No Honda for more than 60 mi. which took them off the list and is probably a big factor in their poor sales.

    Ok off topic a bit...

    BTW, it's still in there somewhere.

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    I bought a small video camera for precisely this purpose. If you happen to have a webcam and a laptop, you could shine a light down in there and, hopefully, find it.

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