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    Buying a "New" 2007 GP1300

    I have owned many Yamaha and Kawasaki Skis since 1990. The most recent ones have been a Kawasaki STX 15F and a 250 Ultra. I am thinking about going back to a 2 stroke GP 1300. I am very much aware of the pros and cons of a 2 stroke but sometimes I miss the ease of maintenance and the dependability of the 2 stroke.
    Can you comment on your thoughts about this particular Yamaha AND buying a "new" 2007 for $7500. I now use the skis for cruising Lake Cumberland and at age 63 I don't race young guys any more...well not very often.

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    Welcome to the forum Larry. You will be happy with the GPR. Wont be as fast as your 4 strokes you have, in stock form. Do the safety things to it..

    pump tunnel reinforcment
    1200 grate

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    One more try...What opinions do you have about buying a "new" '07 or '08 GP 1300. I am not concerned about resale value. Any negative mechanical issues considering these skis have sat around for awhile? Other thoughts?

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    No serious mechanical issues with skis

    Asuggested above you should install an aftermarket intake grate and maybe also get the pump tunnel reinforced

    GPR is a great ski (I own several)

    that said there are a few new demo 4 stroke FZRs and SHOs available for a reasonable price, maybe only $2,000 to $3,000 more than a new GPR

    I'd suggest you try and ride both and chose the one you like the feel of better

    For lakes. the larger heavier 4 stroke will provide a smoother, quieter more comfortable ride

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    welcome to the forum Larry

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    Even though the Gpr is a nice ski for 7500 your almost at the price of a nice used low hour SHO and you might even find one with the extended warr. the power of these new skis is great you need to test ride one you will love it it will pull like your ultra did.

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