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    Questions about GPR thats been sitting

    Hello all.

    I recently came into a few jet skis my uncle gave to me after he broke his back on one of them.

    He had a '99 1200XLT and a 2000 GPR.

    Well after the incident he didnt ride them as much and stopped riding them altogether. I used to have jet skis so he decided to give them to me instead of them rotting away in his garage.

    Something happen to the XLT that he started to tear the engine apart. But the GPR is fine apparently. It only has 20 hrs on it but has been sitting. He started it up and ran it for awile while hooked to the water hose when he had it occasionally

    I got around to touching them 7 months later. I got a new battery and sparkplugs and after trying to start it for a few minutes it started up. It was blowing a lot of white smoke but seemed to idle fine.

    I want to get to the carbs and maybe spray some cleaner in them. What do you guys think I should do? I took the stinger pipe off but I guess I need to take the rest of the pipe off to take the airbox off (what a PITA lol).

    I know I should do a d-plate and coupling and tunnel reinforcement. But probably wont get to it soon though.

    What are your guys opninon to what I should check out before I hit the water with the GPR?

    The XLT is gonna be a project though LOL.

    Thanks for any help.

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    welcome to the forum

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    hi i saw your post,was the white smoke coming from the xlt??? as far as i know the white smoke is regular, but it realy depends on how much white smoke is coming out, my xl renegade is a 2 stroke and it is running pretty rich as well so i have white smoke, but if it is ALOT of white smoke then my auto shop teacher said that a messed up head gasket can make that smoke, a cooling problem can lead to an overheating engine and that can mess up your head gasket thats all i got haha

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    i would get the carbs gone through first, rejet, add primer, remove choke plates and accel pump.... install d-plate and chip, while the pipe is out, maybe aftermarket flame arresters (so you dont decide to do it later and have to tear into the carbs again).... add waveeater clips ($60) this will kepp the pin from falling out and the power valve crashing your engine.... i would do that before riding the GPR, or it could have the same result as the XLL... never spray carb cleaner in a 2 stroke.... JMHO.... take some pics of the XLL and start a thread in the 2-stroke performance or project sections, of course the carbs will need to be gone through, but lets take a look at the rest of the damage....
    You are in the right place, these guys are the best with ski's, especially the GPR and XLL/XLT, they are unbelievable....
    Lots of guys have used parts for sale, also the online store gives a discount for the members (10%) top left corner, it helps keep this site going for FREE to us...

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