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    Need help in purchase!!

    Went to look at a 2006 Challenger SE with supercharged 215hp 4-Tec. The boat is in almost perfect shape but when I asked him about where the flush connection was, he showed me where he removes a hose (circled in red on picture) and hooks up a hose to flush the exhaust. I asked him if he ran the engine while doing this and he said no. He would crank it up after flushing it to blow any water out that remained in the exhaust. I've never heard of doing this and yes it raised a red flag. We took the boat out on a lake near his house and it seemed to run good. It got up on plane well and it ran about 42mph (gps) at 8000 rpms. I really like the boat and would like to buy it but I just didn't know enough about the 4-tec engine to know if how he flushed it may have done any unseen damage. What might be your take? Thanks
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    Yeah mate its def not the right way to flush it as the water just fills up the waterbox and can go back in to the engine.

    But it seems like it has not done this as its still running

    I wouldnt be too bothered by it aye if the deal was good enough.

    The only affected parts would be the J Pipe, Log manifold and stock intercooler. These are the only parts that see salt water.

    You could pick up these parts up second hand for prob around $3-400

    If it was me i would not be bothered at all even if he didnt flush it.

    The boat is turning 8000 RPM which is great and shows there is no major problems.

    There must be a flush fitting in the back of the boat somewhere though. I wouldnt think seadoo would expect you to pull some hoses off to flush it. Follow that line with the red circle and there should be a fitting coming out the back of the boat.

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