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    problems with leaks.....on SHO

    has anyone had problems with leaks on there sho when changing the exhaust to a free flow .... i did see a article a while back about one splitting near where it joins the hull but any one else has issues with them?

    thanks ian

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    Post this up in the Yamaha 4 stroke performance section you will get more reply's.


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    Mac, i had the same issue when fitting the ff on my sho,the leak was from the bottom clamp(where rubber was cut and turned) the ff was flexing a little when rev'd so i replaced the crappy stock clamp and used a HD stainless clamp from pirtek (behind jet crazy)...
    but you gotta check for a split hose in case someone cut the bottom exit rubber too short..

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    cheers..... mine seams to be ok. i done it myself and tried to put as little strain as poss on it... i did do the 6 nut up fairly tight on the clamp... just wondered if it was a major issue

    thanks ian

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