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    I have a 2008 speedster 200 and I've only had it for year and a half ,I just noticed a crack on each side of the skilocker on the deck by the bucket seats. I am so upset I still have to pay this off for another 8 years,am I now stuck with a lemon ,is it go to get worse soon,howdoes the dealer or brp take care of this . I'm so unhappy I could of bought a different boat but I stuck by seadoo. Help

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    All fiberglass boats have spiderweb cracks. My 05 has them too, the boats flex.

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    Yea, my 2003 Sportster has a few in the floor right in front of the seats........

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    2007 utopia cracks

    While cranking boat on to trailer last time out ,heard loud crack from bow hook.Noticed three 2 inch cracks in fiberglass.Took it to dealer and they noticed 4 in cracks at trailer hooks and 12 in line cracks on deck lid.filed claim at brp and they said they are cosmetic.I am not happy and will continue to pursue this.

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    my boats loaded with them, then again it went over a 60 ft dam

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    I know this is an old topic, but I just noticed the same thing on my '08 S200. The small cracks are just to the right of the ski locker. When you walk in this area, you can see the floor flex a bit.

    You are not alone with this discovery. I feel your pain.

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    i got them to on my 2007 150 speedster on the red back and the front compartment the first day out it sucks but all fiberglass boats get them not just seadoo snowmobiles get them to

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    thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by m1dtom View Post
    then again it went over a 60 ft dam
    I gotta hear more !

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