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    ultra 150 running hot

    hi just bought a 2000 ultra 150 run fine for a while then water stopped comming out of the three pea holes on the side what do i do to clean it out dont have a manual yet bidding on one on e-bay would like to ride next weekend with my buddies posted last nite but i think i did it in the wrong place im new at this so if i messed up im sorry thanks in advance steve

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    Sounds like you already have a tripple pisser kit on it if it has 3 pissers up front on the side. It should also have strait head fittings. Remove the head fittings and check them for obstructions. Look here for the manual.

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    hi hooked water hose up cranked ski turned on water ran for a minute water started coming out all three pissers does that mean its fixed thanks steve

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    put it in water on trailer and run it. If the water flow then yes it should be good. If not check from the pump to the water log for a clog. If that is not plugged your clog might be in the cylinders themselves. When on hose the water flows from the exhaust chamber throught the exhaust manifold then through cylinder and out the head fitting.

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    thanks for the info taking it to the lake tomm hope it works 45 min drive for nothing if it doesnt work

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    hi just got back fron the lake it ran fine, water comming from all three pissers. gonna race my buddy next weekend on his 04 yamaha 1200 xlt should i be able to spank him ? i think its gonna be close.i out weigh him by 80lbs. whatca think? thanks for all the great info steve

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