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    Smile Anyone please?Know how many piston pin bearings in a 951 silver engine?

    If any of you seadoo mechanics or forum leaders could please ,please tell me how many piston pin bearings there is in a 951 silver engine?I cant find it out anywhere I know this sounds like stupid question but I really dont want to split cases ,as I am doing a top end on a 30 hr engine,and I didnt tell my helper needles were loose in seadoos ,he only helped with yamas and kawas before and was suprised as heck when bearings scatered,The problem being is He thinks it was 36 in 2nd cylinder as he dropped a couple on ground even being careful,so need to know is it 36??or 35??PLease any help is sorely needed.Thanks in advance!!>Marvin

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    pretty sure it's 34

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    first off sweet looking engine you have steve!!oh oh then my helper must have added a few as he said he got 35 out of one and 34 out of another,I'm sure now if he dropped a couple from the first before he knew how many and maybe added a bearing to the 1st one as he was more careful when he realized they were loose,I'm thinking he must of thought he dropped one out of 2nd piston,he did say these came out of 2nd cylinder and he showed me exactly 35 in the piston,he turned the engine sideways to get 2nd one out and said he didnt add to or drop any ,there was 35 in the 2nd piston and 2 end rings.So I'm thinking he must have swept up extra one from under toolbox or somewhere as he said half of first batch fell to floor.I do know for fact 35 came out of 2nd one,I just was thinking he must have lost one,he said he was very careful with 2nd piston ,dropped none and picked up none,he didnt count them I did so he had no idea if he was short or over on first one he just swept and used magnet,its possible a stray one had fallen under tool box from a previous rebuild,as I use caged for my last few rebuilds.I was thinking he was short one in 2nd piston but now it makes sense he wasnt short on 2nd one just over on first one.THank you very much,but if anyone else is sure its a 2001 GTX limited with 951 silver carbed engine,THanks so much!!! This makes sense if they hold 34 however I could not find a different brg out of the 69 total,is the 717 brgs and 800 brgs (individual the same size as 951 I know they take less but length)Problem is if I'm one over its ok I just for sure dont want to be one under!!and it inside engine) THanks again so much>marvin
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