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    1200 XLT Pump Shoe

    Need some advice.
    the jet pump,ride plate,pump shoe & intake grate have been removed.

    (Its hard to explain wothout pictures)
    Sat on the floor looking into the ski transom plate hole when I put pump shoe into position its higher than the transom plate.
    ie the radius on the pump shoe is higher than the radius on the transom plate radius,

    I never noticed it when i was stripping it all down,is ment to be like this.

    any advice please


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    love it
    cheers, so it does stand proud.Should I use
    3M4200 OR 3M520
    I want to be able to remove the shoe later,

    Taza (UK)

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    This is what you should use the 5200 is to hard to remove.

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