This is my first post here so I hope I am in the right section.
I have a 2001 Rxdi and am fully aware that it must use premium fuel. I remember reading somewhere that they eventually designed the 951 DI to run with regular fuel. If what I read was correct is this something that could be done to the 2001 model? If so what would that entail and is it cost effective? Buying fuel on the water is expensive and sometimes premium is not available everywhere. I need to know if I should invest in some sort of conversion or put the money into a tank/pump system for my truck to fuel my ski.

One more question. There are so many threads on here. Can any one tell me how often the CB oil should be checked? I have heard at the 200hr. mark and in other threads it sounds like it should be done even earlier than that. It is certainly not a maintenance item to neglect from the sounds of it unless you enjoy spending a lot more money down the road.

Anyway, Thank you for any input or advice you might be able to give me.