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Thread: problem gp1200r

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    problem gp1200r

    I have a 2001 gp1200r and before i put it up for winter it started acting funny.It would run good when you first crank it up and run,then it would bog down and not go over like 5 mph.So i put it up for winter for 3 months and yesterday it cranked right up and ran really good for like 8 mins then it bogged again and would not let you go over 5mph.What do you think the problem is?

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    Sounds like a fuel delivery problem.

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    My first GPR would rev all the way up and, sound great on the trailer. But once in the water it would bog and never even plane out. Someone recommended carb rebuilding. New accelerator pump and Filter and put it back in the water and it ran great! great........Frank

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