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    Wanted...GPR Bumpers in Great Condition.....

    Reasonable pricing on GPR Bumpers, especially back....Send pics and price please..


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    A cheep alt. that I think looks great is hydroturf. look in my conversion post there is a picture of my ski with turf bumpers.

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    Thanks for the advise, How hard was the hydroturf to do and does it protect as mush as the bumpers? Oh ya and what did that sheet run you?

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    I have some in a box that I can dig out. What pieces do you need? Also there are a pain to remove.... are yours missing or just dinged up? BTW they will ALWAYS get dinged up. That is what they are there for. If you want you can LIGHTLY sand down the gouges and then use a heat gun to blend them in or to remove the haze they get (heat guns are great). But if they are missing I can help you. Let me know what you need

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    I have a complete slightly used bumper set for the whole boat. Has some scratchs here and there but in very good shape. If interested send PM...thanks.

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    Replies Sent, still looking as of now

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