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    ZXI Nujet Impeller

    Hello guys, I decided to go ahead and sell all my ZXI parts so I am going to make you all a great deal as I cut my losses and move on.

    Brand new in the box NUJET Destroyer C5.5 for STX 900-1200's, and all ZXI 1100's
    $100 shipped and it includes the prop tool!

    (The mark on the prop is where a sticker was that I scratched off which my fingernail, it will come off with some brake cleaner)
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    Is that a 14/19 for a stock 900 ZXI? Also looking for the complete jet pump.

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    No, this KW-C5.5 is for 1100ZXI pumps with mild to wild hop ups. Not sure what the pitch is on this prop, I'd have to look in to it.

    I have a complete 1100ZXI pump that I will part out from the ski of thats what your looking for.

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    OK, $100 shipped! I need to get rid of all my ZXI parts!
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    $100 shipped!

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    SOLD! Please close thread.

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