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    R&D Triple Intake Manifold

    Hello guys, I decided to go ahead and sell all my ZXI/STX parts so I am going to make you all a great deal as I cut my losses and move on.

    Probably THE HARDEST ZXI/STX part to find on the planet!
    New R&D 44mm-46mm triple intake manifold. $150 shipped
    (It was bolted to a motor that was sitting on the bench, but it has never been on the water)
    I have brand new R&D reed stuffers to go with this too for an additional $25

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    I'll take it. Please send me an email: [email protected]

    How would you like me to pay? I have paypal.


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    email sent, but it was returned to me with an error. sending you same info via PM.

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    Payment sent for manifold. Thanks.


    I wrote the wrong email, the correct one is: [email protected]

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    SOLD, please close the thread

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    Got the intake manifold, it was perfect. Thanks bro.


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    No problem! Glad you are happy and if I need any references in the future I hope you won't mind.

    Thanks again,

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