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    NEW ZXI Purple Center Mat

    Hello guys, I decided to go ahead and sell all my ZXI/STX parts so I am going to make you all a great deal as I cut my losses and move on.

    Brand NEW purple (not faded lavender) OEM rear center mat P/N 39028-3731-RE $40 shipped!

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    $35 shipped! I'll do $30 if you buy the jet Traction mats too, plus you'll get the purple marine vinyl and shipping free. ($80 total for all 3!)

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    You wouldn't happen to have pictures of those other pieces would you?

    Since you are selling ZXi parts. I am looking for the clock that goes in the center console storage. Do you have one of those to sell?

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    Other pieces? If you mean the Jet traction mats, and marine vinyl there are 2 other threads with pics located here.

    Yes, I have pretty much a complete hull that I am parting out if you need anything else. As for the clock, make me an offer.
    The hull is for sale too. (cheap if I don't have to part it out 1 piece at a time.)

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    will this fit a 95 750 zxi?

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    It should fit all ZXI hulls, but as of right now yankee817299 Had first dibs via PM. I'll let you know if it doesn't go through.

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    Sold! Please close thread.

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