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    water + eventual bent rod??

    I have a hypothetical question:

    In the event that you get a splash of water (not sure exactly how much or how direct) onto your 3in K&N air intake system from having the nose dive on you once or twice while thrashing.
    In the event that a portion of that water gets past the filter and into the intake manifold - enough to make the motor sputter at 3-5K rpms (30ish MPH?) - is this enough water to maybe bend a connecting rod?....the same way a water-filled cylinder could do?

    Or would this simply cause some temporary sputtering and just cycle out of the motor/exhaust valves through idling/gentle acceleration - with no damage to any rods at all?

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    i'd say that can definitely cause damage to a rod. one little sputter doesn't mean much, but if the ski bugs down and/or shuts down because of water ingestion and you turn it over with the spark plugs in, you're asking for trouble.

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    Well the motor never locked up and shut down....just kinda sputtered for a several moments. I never forced it to run hard at this time....just goosed it enough to feel the problem. I was getting low on fuel and ready to pull out the lake anyway, so I simply idled through the no wake and shut it down. didnt think to keep it idling long enough to see if the symptom cured itself (such as a little water in the cylinder). Pulled the plugs at home to see if water would shoot out, but nothing did. all seemed normal.
    Thats why i was wondering if light water injestion could possibly bend a rod at all, or just blow out the exhaust valves during idle/light throttle with no issues.

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    Whoops....should this thread be moved to "4-tec performance" section??
    Just realized i was in general discussion

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