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Thread: Gears?

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    Is there anywhere that I can just get a couple of gears for a trim motor?

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    I don't know of anywhere to get the gears seperate.
    Look for a cheap used trim motor on E-bay.

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    What year is your ski? I have one off of a 96 sl700. Pm me

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    All the trim motors are the same, except the PRO trim motors. Something makes them faster than the rest of them. Not sure if it's the actual motor, or the gears are different ratios?

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    I'm in Australia, and the only ones I have found here so far have been quoted at $400-$500, I laughed at him.

    I've seen some on the US ebay, but was hoping to find something on the same patch of land. for $$ & time.

    I have a SXL780 and they look the same, might just swap them over for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Murray View Post
    ...I have a SXL780 and they look the same, might just swap them over for now.
    It will work.

    The only downside to using the slower Trim motor on your 2001 SLX model is that it will be, well, slower to respond the the trim buttons. The Polaris PRO models also used the faster trim motors.

    And the MFD will not show you the correct trim position. The trim nozzle will move up and down just fine, but the Pro MFD will always show you an incorrect indication, since it is designed to match the fast trim motor.

    If you pull apart your SLX780 trim motor, you should be able to tell if the gears are the same, or different. If the gears are the same as the 2001 SLX trim motor, then it must be the actual electric motors that differ between the 'fast' and the 'regular' trim motors.

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